Hamish MacEwan

What I've Learned as an Internet Drug Dealer

Prohibition has never worked. It didn’t work with alcohol and it doesn’t work with drugs. People should make their own choices. I’m not here to judge people for what they do, I just want to make sure that if they make that choice, they get it safely, at a fair price, and that they know what’s in it rather than buying cocaine from some random guy that turns out to be laundry detergent. There’s no doubt that drugs can be dangerous, but sometimes the lengths that people are forced to go through to get their drugs are more dangerous than the drugs themselves.

Read the caveats and ponder what $250M 1995 dollars are worth today (approximately $389,193,386.77) but still, a good hook.

Read the caveats and ponder what $250M 1995 dollars are worth today (approximately $389,193,386.77) but still, a good hook.

Bitcoin Industry Leaders Sound Off on New York BitLicense Proposal

Don’t care what they think.  This is like attempting to regulate Skype using the legacy legislation from telephone companies.  It’s a farce and it’ll fail.  It betrays a complete lack of understanding of how open a system like Bitcoin is.

I wore a bikini and ...

The most common concern was my health. Presumably I, as a fat woman, would not know how to properly operate the complicated piece of equipment known as a bikini. What if I strangled in all the straps and ties? What if I became distracted by the complexity of spandex, a substance heretofore unknown to me, and wandered blindly into traffic? What if I ate it?

I’m not sure what all these well-meaning people thought was going to happen to me. Blood pressure, heart problems, joint problems and cholesterol were all brought up, but I didn’t see any kind of warning label anywhere on the suit that suggested the Surgeon General had investigated these claims. I remain sceptical as to the health problems bikinis cause.